Dr.Celight+ Magic Peeling #2 (200ml)


Invisible Peeling
Magic Peeling 2


Dr.Celight+ Magic Peeling 2
Product Features

Peeling & Filling

  • Pore Reduction
  • Keratin Removal
  • Nutrition Supply
  • Whitening / Moisture / Soothing / Nutrition

key Ingredients

  • Caryodendron Orinocense Seed Oil, Pichia Anomala, Boerhavia Diffusa Root

Key Effects

  • Recover the dual lipid membrane structure between keratin cells in health
  • Conduct the safe filling without breaking natural blocks
  • Supply the sufficient nutrient as well as filling

3 Effects of Magic Peeling

  • Step 1. Absorb and remove the old keratin and promote skin turnover
  • Step 2. Provide the skin with various stresses to energy and vitality
  • Step 3. Change to the clean and transparent skin

How to Use

In general, the peeling is required to once ~ twice a weak.

cleansing with enzyme cleanser and rub it thinly on skin with a pack brush. Then, put Magic Peeling 1 on the hand and rub it for 3 minutes, and wash with water. Magic Peeling dissolves keratin with the fruit enzyme, at the same time, Ginseng Root, herbals, and collagen are soothed and collagen are soothed and moisturized the skin. As a result, it controls the sensitive skin after Peeling