Dr.Celight+ Magic Peeling #1 (200ml)


Tone-up Peeling
Magic Peeling 1


Dr.Celight+ Magic Peeling 1
Product Features

Peeling & Filling

  • Pore Reduction
  • Keratin Removal
  • Nutrition Supply
  • Whitening / Moisture / Soothing / Nutrition

key Ingredients

  • Caryodendron Orinocense Seed Oil, Pichia Anomala, Boerhavia Diffusa Root

Key Effects

  • Recover the dual lipid membrane structure between keratin cells in health
  • Conduct the safe filling without breaking natural blocks
  • Supply the sufficient nutrient as well as filling

3 Effects of Magic Peeling

  • Step 1. Absorb and remove the old keratin and promote the skin turnover
  • Step 2. Provide the skin with various stresses to energy and vitality
  • Step 3. Change to the clean and transparent skin

How to Use

Apply after cleansing, 1-2 time/week to escape around the eye after  5-10 minutes and then 80% is absorbed in the skin using your fingers to a small circle in the direction of drawing the smooth texture of insulation sponge, wipe the remaining contents, wash with warm water.