Silky Bio Hyaluronate Essence 500ml

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Silky Bio Hyaluronate Essence 500ml


Hyaluronic acid functions to absorb and sustain the non-fibrous ingredient in the dermis. As you get older hyaluronic acid in your dermis decreases and the moisturising function of your skin also weakens.
​Hyaluronic containing excellent moisture consistency provides the dry skin with nutrients and forms the powerful moisture layer.​


  • Highly concentrated hyaluronic acid
  • Allantoin
  • Chamomile extract
  • Chama mushroom culture fluid
  • DPHP
  • ​Witch hazel extract
  • Aloe Extract
  • Natural vegetable ingrdient complex #7 (centella aslatica exctract, chamomile extract, licorice root extract, green tea leaf extract, polygonaceous plant extract, rosemary extract, skullcap plant extract


When you apply HBMIC Silky Bio Hyaluronate Essence, skin-physiologically speaking, the contents of the essence deeply penetrate into your skin to supplement decreased Hyaluronic acid and to provide the skin with moisture, making it taut. ​It develops skin tone and
wrinkles as it helps elastin and collagen to be generated which is related to
the regeneration of the skin.

Size : 500 ML / 1000 ML
Skin Type : All Type of Skin