Imperial Be Collagen

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Imperial Be Collagen


▪Moisturizing, skin elasticity, wrinkle improvement ability


▪Drink 1 bottle a day before or after meals.
▪If you take liquid fish collagen more than 3 months continuously without missing a bottle, your skin moisture, wrinkles and skin elasticity are better. There is considerable efficacy in skin regeneration..
▪You can see that the makeup is well received, and you can feel the moisture of the skin.
▪It makes the cells hard, makes the blood vessels elastic and soft, and strengthens the bowel function.
▪It acts as a cushion giving more flexibility in the joints and also increases immunity.
▪Stimulates fibroblasts differentiated into the skin or joints and consequently promotes the synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin. It replenishes high-quality collagen with eating collagen to make skin elastic, and has excellent effect for wrinkle improvement and moisturizing.
▪It helps the health of hair, eyes, teeth and nails.
▪It helps to maintain your youth by restoring collagen loss in the body.